Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mental Illness Support Ribbons © Megan Snider

I would like to begin this blog by stating a fact that I was both happy to discover and promote. I recently discovered that just as issues like cancer, autism, and various other illnesses have ribbons one can wear in support of the issue, so too does mental health. Mental health awareness ribbons come in two shades: green and grey. Green, I must point out, is also associated with other problems like kidney disease and things of this nature as well. Grey, to my knowledge, is associated solely with the campaign to enlighten people about mental illness and worn in the hope of a cure to help ease the suffering and unpleasant aspects of failing mental health.
So, my advice to you is: help fight the stigma! Show support, not intolerance! Maybe, for the first time in decades, we can stop demonizing people that are simply tormented, afraid, and helpless and start treating them with the care any other person afflicted with a disease deserves.

© Megan Snider