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If you wish to borrow one of my articles or provide a link to it, I have no problem with you doing so. I do, however, require that you would include my name along with the article excerpt. Writing is a passion of mine and I'd like to generate hits and showcase some of my better articles concerning mental health on this site. I have noticed that some sites have picked up a few of my articles, which amazes me. I'd like to see my name included with the article, if at all possible. I am working as a Freelance Writer/educator and would like this site to lead to other opportunities if that is possible.

Also, please take into account that all of the work on this blog is my own intellectual property. Therefore, it is all protected by copyright laws. If you "hijack" or steal from my blog, as others have done in the past, I will contact you and ask that you include my name.

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