Monday, April 4, 2011

The Long Road Home Part II © Megan Snider

 "Panic tricks you, but it's just a trick"
--Dr. David Carbonell

This will be a short blog. I just wanted to update a few self-help methods I've been researching to bring to those of you who suffer from depersonalization, derealization and Panic Disorder.

Panic Attacks Workbook: A guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick by Dr. David Carbonell has been on my bed for the past few weeks. That’s my way of saying I’ve been reading it. So I sleep with books—big deal. :P In Dr. Carbonell’s book and website ( he uses the AWARE method to help people calm down from panic attacks. 

It is a little similar to the therapy outlined in my previous self-help blog in that it uses acceptance as one of the major forces to help soothe the mind. He uses the an acronym AWARE to stand for steps in a process he had adapted from another piece of literature. He also stressing the importance of correct breathing and thinking. 

I am unsure if I can repost the AWARE steps on my blog, however I am sure you can do some digging around on his site. I have already and there is a wealth of information on there. No helpful hints on how to deal with Depersonalization or Derealization unfortunately, but what can one do?

Check Dr. David Carbonell out at and see if he can help you if you suffer from panic attacks with or without Agoraphobia.

© Megan Snider