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My name is Megan Snider and for years I have been interested in the world of mental illness and its so-called "treatment". While you hear many success stories, what you don't hear are the failure rates, suicides or ruined families due to mental illness.

Mental illness is not given the same quiet dignity as cancer, the consideration of mental handicaps nor the mindfulness of physical disabilities. It is ridiculed, poked at, teased and then sensationalized by a brutal media intent on winning hearts with inappropriate headlines.

Before I began my long career as a freelance writer and before I had even graduated from college, I began this site as an outlet to my frustrations, as a place to ponder my fears and as a breeding ground for deep thought and conversation.

It is my goal to see the mentally ill flourish, lead full lives, and to debunk as many myths about mental illness as I can in the process. If you are mentally ill, you are not alone and you are in good company here. Here insanity is not a buzzword, problems are not given simple pat on the backs, and you are not shown the exit sign when you can no longer comply with rules and regulations set for people whom are not like you. This is a resting site for the mentally ill and a place where new information will continue to grow as long as I have breath.

Please come back and see my updates. You may even comment and subscribe if you wish to do so. I hope to see you again here soon. It's alright to "lurk", too!

Thank you and have a nice day!