Friday, August 5, 2011

Kelly Thomas: Rest In Peace © Megan Snider

Our police departments pride themselves because they are put in the line of danger and persevere. So, would the six police officers of Fullerton be protecting society from a Schizophrenic man off his medicine by beating him cruelly and brutally to death in a six to one match up?

This is Kelly Thomas before the police "intervention"...
Now, this is Kelly Thomas in the ICU where later his life support would be taken away...

Reports say that Thomas was calling out for his father during the brutal beating. His father could not recognize him when he saw him in the ICU to be present for his death.

So, is this how the "nation's finest" treat the mentally ill and homeless who are already tormented by a bewildered mind?

This is disgusting and I had to add it to my blog.

Here are the names of the men who murdered Kelly Thomas:

Officer Jay Cicinelli
Officer Kenton Hamptom
Officer Manny Ramos
Officer Joe Wolfe
Officer James Blatney

Donate and Information:
Kelly Thomas Memorial Fund
PO Box 1147
Cypress, Ca 90630

© Megan Snider

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